The First 100 interviews / Asier Hilario

“The First 100, represents the best of science and collaborative work”. The First 100 jsd been coordinated by the IUGS International Commission on Geoheritage. There are more than 50 countries involved. It seems like a great achievement. Are you satisfied? I think the numbers of this initiative speak for themselves. We have 100 sites recognised […]

The First 100 interviews / Stanley Finney

“Zumaia declaration is a statement from the International Geological Sciences of the importance of preservation of our geological heritage” It is the 60th anniversary of the International Union of Geological Sciences. What is the IUGS? The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) is an international non-governmental non-profit organization. It has member countries, delegations, from 122 […]

The First 100 interviews / Ezzio Vacari

“Geological sciences have help us understanding how nature works” Humans have always admired and used their land. When does the history of Geological Sciences start? That’s one of the major questions of our group, because there are historians of geological scientists who say that the history of geology starts in a very modern time in […]